The Train Troubadour

"Orillas Intimas"



The Train Troubadour


A day in the life of a train artist



He approaches the train and takes a glance inside.


Some passengers rush to find a seat and get some rest for their fatigued legs after a long harsh day.


They are his potential audience and tonight he wants to make some money to buy some strings for his old guitar.


Once inside, he takes place in the middle of the carriage and gets ready.


Indifferently, he turns on the amplifier and the notes start to come out.


The melody is accompanied by some tango lyrics and the audience briefly turns around to take a look at the guitar guy. 


Some, just some people, listen and watch him with admiration.


He is the “Train Troubadour”, whose notes hit you as bullets using his guitar as a weapon.


© 2015 By Nicolás Blaiotta.

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