I was worn on 1983 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I currently live. Since little, I was amazed by the possibility of capturing a single instant in a simple frame. But of course, not images are beautiful. I used to think “there must be something else behind all this”; “it must be Art”. This thought lead me to study photography with a particular interest in composition and of course, light, as the essence of all photographic art.


Along this path, I was fortunate to meet some of the best photographers and teachers at “Nuevo Foto Club Argentino”. They´ve encouraged me to swim deep into my feelings and emotions as a way of photographic self-form of art expression.


Although I enjoy the benefits of post-processing tools such as Photoshop to create abstract and conceptual work, I always search to transfer grandiosity by showing solitary individuals on their wide backgrounds. I believe this comes naturally from deep and hidden sensations, achieving as a result, direct and simple photographs with true self-expression.



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